15th International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies

с 19/08/2019 по 23/08/2019
Место проведения: 
Алма-Ата, Казахстан, 050040, КазНУ им. аль-Фараби, Аль-Фараби проспект, 71

Main topics

  • All technological aspects of the applications of parallel computer systems
  • High level parallel programming languages and systems
  • Methods and tools for parallel solution of large-scale problems
  • Languages, environments and software tools supporting parallel processing
  • Operating systems, scheduling, mapping, load balancing
  • General architectural concepts
  • Cellular automata
  • Performance measurement and analysis tools
  • Active knowledge and program construction
  • Software for grid and cloud computing
  • Scalable computing
  • Fragmentation and aggregation of algorithms and programs
  • Programs assembling and reuse
  • Distributed algorithms