Young Scientists' Council

Young Scientists' Council of ICM&MG SB RAS is an administrative body of ICM&MG. It is designed to represent the professional interests of young scientists and specialists working at the institute and solve their social problems.

To provide assistance in career development of young scientists of the institute, students, and postgraduates specializing at ICM&MG SB RAS, Young Scientists' Council holds annual ICM&MG Young Scientists’ Conferences and helps them in preparing applications for grants and participation in various science contests.

To solve housing problems of young scientists of the institute, Young Scientists' Council and the Housing Sector of the Labor Union Committee monitor the use of dorm rooms and helps in preparing the documents for acquiring housing certificates.

Members of Young Scientists' Council:

  • K.V. Tkachev, chairman
  • I.G. Chernykh
  • A.V. Penenko
  • O.I. Krivorot’ko, secretary