Scientific Schools


  • "Siberian School of Mathematical Simulation in Problems of Physics of the Atmosphere, Ocean, and Environment", founder: Academician G.I. Marchuk, directors: Prof. V.I. Kuzin, Prof. V.V. Penenko, Prof. G.S. Rivin (Institute of Computational Technologies SB RAS)
  • "Novosibirsk School of Monte Carlo Methods", founder: Academician G.I. Marchuk, director: Corresponding Member G.A. Mikhailov
  • "Development of Numerical Methods for Solving Direct and Inverse Multidisciplinary Problems of Geophysics ", founder: Academician A.S. Alekseev

The following scientific schools were supported by Grants of the RF President in 2014:

  • "Direct and Inverse Problems in Earth’s Sciences, Ecology, and Environmental Management. Mathematical Models of Geophysical Processes and their Properties. Use of Supercomputers for Simulation in Natural and Technogenic Systems ", Director: Corresponding Member S.I. Kabanikhin
  • "Development of Numerical Methods for Statistical Simulation to Solve Problems of Mathematical Physics and Industrial Mathematics", Director: Corresponding Member G.A. Mikhailov