Siberian SuperComputer Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (a general-purpose computing center)

Academician G.I. Marchuk, founder of the Institute, took an active part in the development of the Institute’s computational capabilities to be used by the personnel of the Novosibirsk Science Center (NSC). In 1978, Main Computing Center was established to provide computing services to institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS). An important event was the creation in 1985 of a general-purpose Computing Center (CC). A cable network was constructed. It consisted of three computers BESM-6 and three computers ЕС 1060 located at the Computer Center, and connected the NSC institutes with the computer complex.

In 2001, Academician A.S. Alekseev (the then director of ICM&MG SB RAS) initiated the creation of a general-purpose center called Siberian SuperComputer Center of SB RAS (SSCC SB RAS) with modern computing equipment. Academician B.G. Mikhailenko further developed the center by launching a computer cluster called NKS-30T. SSCC SB RAS provides computing services to 24 institutes of SB RAS and 5 universities of Siberia. The center is used to solve fundamental and applied problems in various fields of science and educate specialists in supercomputer calculations. A virtual medium to process data of physical experiments performed at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) SB RAS has been created on the basis of the center. A virtual Akadempark – CC cluster to process large data (geophysical data, medical databases, databases of the financial sector of economics, etc.) has been created.


History of the Computing Center:
• 2009: NKS-30T first stage;
• 2010: NKS-30T second stage (by agreement on combining the SSCC - INP SB RAS computing resources);
• 2011: NKS-30T third stage, capacity: 30 Tflops;
• 2012: NKS-30T extended with NVIDIA TESLA 2090M accelerators; total peak performance of the hybrid NKS-30T+GPU cluster: 115 Tflops; the hybrid cluster extended with SMP-G7 server (as a nonstandard computing node) with large memory (today: 1024 Gbytes).